What Should I Write In An Informative Essay About My Family?

At first glance, writing an informative essay about your family doesn’t seem to be a difficult task. These are your relatives and you know them better than anyone else. However, when it comes to narrowing the topic down, you are likely to get frustrated. What exactly should you write about in your paper? Which personal observations and feelings of yours are worth your reader’s attention? How can you possibly engage your reader in this piece of writing?

Remembering the Basics

In an informative paper, you should give information on a topic in an unbiased and objective way. You are not required to support this particular essay with any background research, but you can share your personal thoughts and observations on the topic. You shouldn’t persuade that your family is the best or that it needs to be changed, but you should analyze how your family functions as a unit, why it is special, and what roles are played by each of the family members.

Prompt Questions to Be Answered

Here is a list of questions that will help you organize your thoughts on the topic and let them go in the right direction:

  • Do you have any siblings? If you do, how are you influenced by them? Do you stand up for each other? How are you different from or similar to your sibling? Is your sibling a role model for you?
  • What is the story of the love of your parents? How can you describe their relations? Where do your parents work?
  • Why did they choose these professions in particular? Did you receive enough care as a child? Do you take after your father or mother? Do you have common interests with your parents?
  • Do you have grandparents? Do they live with you? If not, do you see them often? What do you remember about your grandparents from the childhood? Did your grandparents tell you any fairy-tales when you were a child? What were they? How do your grandparents treat you and your parents now? What is their role in the family?
  • What traditions do you follow in your family?

These are not all the questions that can be posed in your informative essay. The more you think on the topic, the more new ideas you will come up with. Since it will be impossible to cover lots of points in your paper, focus on one or two of them. Pick the points that will support your thesis statement and make your essay well-reasoned and complete.