Online Writing Lessons: How Do You Compose An Essay?

As a student of any subject, you will be required to construct a well written paper at some point. Even after leaving the educational sector, many jobs require employees to give reports of different aspects of the job and so having competent essay writing skills is an asset.

Constructing an essay does not need to be a daunting task, it can be made very easy if one familiarizes them self with some simple rules, rules that can be followed for any paper, regardless of type or purpose. In five short points, I will outline a simple guideline for writing an essay of any type:

  1. Proper topic selection
  2. This step is often over looked by many but it plays quite a significant role in the eventual outcome of the paper. When selecting a title, you should consider several things, most important are your personal interests, the information available to you and the interest of your readers. Consider these three points while deciding what to write on.

  3. Hypothesis statement
  4. This can be a simple statement declaring a particular aspect of your environment to be true or false and must be stated clearly. From this statement, you are able to outline the parameters of your paper, allowing you to devise effective methods of gathering information and presenting it to your readers.

  5. Character development or information presentation
  6. Every story must contain a main character, even if that main character is an inanimate object, like the sky. When introducing a new items, always provide a short back story on it, it need not be lengthy, a couple descriptive words and a place of origin is usually enough.

  7. Analysis of details
  8. This may be the most important part of the paper and it is here that you make your case. Many different things can contribute to the outcome of a situation, it is your job as the author to piece these things together in an easy to absorb format, possibly making it as interesting than it really is. Remember, try to maintain objectivity, you can ask a friend to review your work to help you with this.

  9. Conclusion
  10. The final section of your paper, this statement serves to close up your story nicely. It may be a simple sentence, stating the outcome of a particular experiment or research project. In the case of a narrative or fictional piece, you use this statement to present the meaning of your entire tale to the readers, leaving them with a feeling of closure.