Online Writing Lessons: Characteristics Of An Informative Essay

So, you’ve got an assignment, and it’s an informative essay. What is it and how should you handle it? Let’s see what you need to know to reach success and compose a winning project.

The main goal of an informative paper, as experts claim, is not only to provide readers with your opinion but also to educate them on a certain subject. There are several tasks that your paper can undertake:

  • Provide your readers with an explanation of something they have never known,
  • Define something that is complicated for understanding,
  • Provide the readers with the results of the latest research on a certain topic,
  • Analyze a cause-effect connection between objects or situations,
  • Teach the audience how they can apply knowledge or skills,
  • Compare and contrast objects, points of view, etc.

There are certain demands to such informative essays. For example, unless you are told another way, it should be no bigger than 3-5 pages. At best, you are supposed to have no fewer than 4 reliable reference sources that help you support the point of view you are representing. You need to avoid value judgments in favor of objective appraisals. There are several academic writing styles that are used for papers of this type. You need to choose one of them (unless you are given one by your supervisor) and study all the rules of formatting that it involves. Avoid contractions in your text. As well, never use constructions like “I think”. Replace “I” with “we” or passive voice constructions (don’t overdo with the passive voice!). In case you are speaking about somebody else’s experience or research, speak about the author in the third person.

If you still have problems understanding the idea of the project, try seeing the way somebody else has done it. Search for samples that are available on the Internet in all forms. That is, you can find ready papers, or templates that are provided by academic writing guidebooks. Numerous proofread projects can also be found in the library of your school and in the local writing lab. Go to this essay service to solve such problems

After all, if nothing helps, you can always turn to professional teachers online, or to custom writing services. They are here to help you manage your writing tasks quickly and effectively. If you turn to them, you can be sure that you will receive the best quality. Their works are naturally free from mistakes and plagiarism. It’s very important to find a service that is reliable enough.