In Search Of Great College Level Argumentative Essay Topics

Choosing a right topic of your argumentative essay makes the writing process twice easier. If you are not sure of your ability of formulating a winning topic yourself, you can always seek some help that will provide you with essential insights and make this task easier.

Top Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Argumentative Essay

  • Benefit from library databases.
  • Libraries often keep the best students’ essays so you can benefit from using them as samples. It’s a very good option as libraries usually offer only the high graded academic papers.

  • Check online lists and examples.
  • If you failed to get the necessary information from a library, employ your searching engine. Many educational websites provide free lists of academic paper topics with numerous thought-provoking ideas. Free examples of such works are also available online.

  • Consult with your teacher.
  • Although your teacher won’t suggest you the exact topic for your paper, they may give some useful hints and guidelines that will help you formulate a topic by yourself successfully.

  • Ask your peers.
  • Brainstorming with your friends is another smart option. By sharing your thoughts and ideas you can together invent many great topics, which would be beneficial for all sides.

Important Things to Remember While Choosing Your Topic

In order to save your time and avoid common mistakes while formulating your topic, you should keep in mind several key points that will raise your chances to succeed.

  • It must be original.
  • Plagiarism is one of the worst choices that may completely spoil your performance. Remember that online lists of topics and other students’ essays may serve only as the inspiration but should never be copied.

  • It must be obviously arguable.
  • This type of papers implies dealing with an ambiguous issue that doesn’t have a clear answer. You aim is to present your point of view and to prove with the supporting evidence that it’s right.

  • It must be provocative.
  • The interest of your audience must be grabbed from the very beginning and a proper topic is the best tool to achieve this. Although, don’t become too emotional in expressing your ideas.

  • It must touch upon up-to-date issues.
  • People are mostly interested in reading about something that has a strong connection to their own lives. So try to choose topics that deal with the most important and, probably, thorny problems of a modern society.

  • It must imply some useful conclusions.
  • It will be good if by just reading the topic of your paper the audience will understand that they can derive some truly valuable conclusions from your work.