Composing an Excellent Expository Essay in 30 Minutes

If you have to write a paper in thirty minutes, you are going to have to focus and to be organized. You should always strive to make sure that you do not need to end up composing apiece so quickly, but f you do, follow our advice on composing an excellent expository essay in thirty minutes.


  • Make a very detailed outline in order to organize your thoughts quickly. You can use either a sentence outline or a topic outline, but you have to use one. Using this device will keep you focus and on track as you work.
  • Gather your research first. And gather a little bit extra. It is always better to have extra support. As you make the outline, go ahead and insert the support. It can be quotes, data, stories, facts, or interesting stories.
  • You may not have time to proof and edit, so move carefully as you compose. Carefully does not mean slowly, it means going with precision and care. You may not have time to get back and double hack the work.
  • Take some time before you begin to research to craft a tight and simple thesis statement. The easiest kind to make is a three point one. Now is not the time to get fancy and have complex ideas or formatting.
  • Use the three to one rule. For each one idea, make three different kinds of support. This form style is easy to do and easy to follow. You will be able to write quickly, once the research has been gathered.
  • Your essay would be explaining a concept, since it is expository. So in the first paragraph of the expository paper you would have background, a hook, and the thesis statement. Then you would have three different body paragraphs. Your fifth, and last paragraph, would be your conclusion.
  • A good time break down might be ten minutes for research, five minutes for the thesis statement and introductory paragraph, five for each of the body paragraphs, and ten minutes to wrap up the piece. Some schedule similar to this will work well.
  • Put your phone, games, and television all on mute or off. You need to focus, not to write a dozen text messages and watch your favorite show. Keep the distractions down to the lowest minimum as possible. You will be able to work better.