How To Be Persuasive In An Essay Against Animal Testing?

The world of today is ever-evolving. In a split second, dozens of new inventions and discoveries emerge. Animal rights, being one of the hot topics, is definitely overfilled with controversial opinions. For you, as an essay writer, there are some must-know points that you have to consider. If you stick to these tips, no one will ever dare to question the validity of your arguments.

What Makes Your Essays Reasonable?

Every proficient writer is well-aware of the fact that arguments are everything that matters. As long as you sound confident in your writing, readers won’t have any doubts about the legitimacy of your remarks. At the same time, don’t try to make your essay complicated - just keep it interesting and simple. Remember that being significant is great, but being understandable is even better. Regardless of the topic you are dealing with, there are certain pieces of advice that you’d better keep in mind:

  • Learn to back up your statements.
  • Make sure that every sentence you put in is supported by the easily-accessible evidence. The evidence that everyone can check for themselves.

  • Don’t make up facts.
  • The worst thing you can possibly do is to invent some historical episode that never took place. Readers can smell fakeness, so try to avoid it.

  • Use opposing standpoints.
  • It would a very clever idea to contrast your own thoughts with the conflicting ones. Don’t be scared to prove that the alternative point of view is wrong.

Undeniable Arguments for Animal Testing

  1. The internal systems of animals and humans are extremely similar.
  2. By using different species, we can prevent many people from dying.

  3. Animal research has already provided humanity with vaccines for some of the deadliest diseases in the world (hydrophobia, rabies)
  4. It’s already an established fact that brings hope to many people suffering from cancer, heart failure, Alzheimer’s disease and a need for organ transplantation.

  5. The usage of modern antibiotics and the vitality of insulin are based on animal research.
  6. If we stop experimenting on animals, many human beings may not survive till the end of this year.

  7. Animals help ensure the safety of drugs that millions of us are taking on a daily basis.
  8. Imagine taking a pill and having absolutely no clue how it would affect you.

  9. Many endangered species are benefiting as well.
  10. If no experiments and researches were conducted, we wouldn’t have been able to protect dozens of unique animals from disappearing.