Getting An Outstanding Example Of A Five Paragraph Essay

Five-paragraph essays are the most popular form of this type of academic work. There are of course many works containing more or fewer paragraphs, but sticking to a structure consisting of an introduction, three body paragraphs, and a conclusion is highly reasonable. It’s rational and desirable to get an example of such work before setting about writing, but where to find it?

An Excellent Example of a Five Paragraph Essay: Where to Find?

  • Ask your teacher.
  • Turning to your educator for help is quite natural. Not only can he provide you with basic guidelines on structuring your paper, but also he will most likely be able to give you samples of works written by other students from previous years. It’s your instructor who best knows specific requirements for writing academic papers effective in your college.

  • Browse websites related to academics.
  • There are a lot of five-paragraph essays on many topics available on different Internet portals. You may use these to get inspired but refrain from copying off the whole paragraphs or sentences. Plagiarism is a severe violation of rules for which you may be penalized. Keep in mind also that some works that you find on the Internet may not correspond to the criteria of your educational institution.

  • Make use of social networks.
  • It’s not a problem nowadays to find pretty much everybody. Then why not find older students of your college and ask them whether they have any materials remaining? They will most likely answer in the affirmative, as most information related to studies is now being kept in electronic form and rarely deleted before graduation. Hire a professional writer. If you have reasons to not write the essay yourself, consider having other people do it for you. Search the Internet and you will find a lot of agencies offering writing services. Don’t pick the first one though. Only the most reputable and long-standing agencies are worth attention. You can get professional help here if you want to get high quality for a reasonable price.

Summing Up

Five paragraph essays may be very widespread, but it doesn’t mean that finding an outstanding example meeting all your requirements is an easy task. Even if you find one, make sure you don’t go beyond adopting ideas: outright or partial copying can get you into trouble. The same applies to the works you can get from older students. It appears obvious that you should avoid any plagiarism, and you should either write the work yourself or ask other people to do it for you.