List Of 20 Great Narrative Essay Topics For College Students

A college-level narrative essay should provide your own thoughts, ideas, and opinions written in an introduction-body-conclusion format. This kind of academic writing often takes plenty of time to complete because you should pick a manageable topic, focus your work, provide only relevant points, and structure the document in a clear manner. Moreover, some topics require plenty of research and critical reading.

What Broad Narrative Essay Topics to Consider

It’s recommended to select your study area first, so think about a broad topic that you consider interesting. For example, you can compose an outstanding paper on a hypothetical topic so that you will have a possibility to think outside the box and discuss something that might never happen. Another great idea is to pick a topic based on your personal experience that allows you to tell your life story and share your opinion.

What Great Narrow Paper Ideas to Choose From

You may search for sample essay prompts to get inspired and select something that you want to write about. The following list provides 20 manageable topics easy to cover in your narrative paper:

  1. The main lessons you have learned in your age.
  2. A personal achievement that makes you proud.
  3. A recent moment of happiness and joy in your life.
  4. Something that other people can learn from you.
  5. The event that has brought you closer to somebody.
  6. The country lifestyle: why you like living outside a big city.
  7. The characters that make your town interesting for visitors.
  8. A personal credo that motivates you to keep going no matter what happens.
  9. Collaborations vs. competitiveness: what helps you perform better?
  10. Your worst fear that came true.
  11. What local problem should your major solve first of all?
  12. Who may be your ideal celebrity neighbor?
  13. What is your favorite study subject in college?
  14. When have you been a leader in your life?
  15. Why do you often have a hard time making important decisions?
  16. How often do you give in to provocations of your classmates?
  17. What does having good manners mean to you?
  18. What is your favorite way to relieve stress after exams?
  19. When have you regretted that you did something wrong?
  20. Do you believe that people get what they deserve?

If you want to get more topics to choose from, search online, visit a writing center, go to the school’s library, or consult your professor.