How To Choose Interesting Essay Topics: A Guide For High School Students

Have you ever found yourself staring into a blank page for hours without a single idea about how to choose a topic for an essay? The deadline for completion is approaching, the pressure is intensified by the passing of every minute but you just don’t know what you could write about. Your head is full of ideas, but nothing works or it isn’t interesting enough and attractive for processing.

If you are a high school student, if all of this sounds too familiar and if you have by any chance recognized yourself in these words, do not worry. There’s a solution.

The life of a teenager has its ups and downs, advantages and disadvantages. Everything is intensified. When a teenager is inspired, he can do everything and he feels the true power of youth. On the other hand, when things are down and the mind is scattered, teens are worried and angry - they feel like the world is against them.

But, as already stated, there is a solution. Here is some advice about interesting essay topics that every high school student should find useful.

  1. When teenagers have to choose some topics of a free form (outside the curriculum), the obvious choice should be to write about their own world. They could cover some areas that could provide unique insight into their mindset.
    1. Selfie trend
    2. Social media and their influence on behavior
    3. Mobile phones and other gadgets
    4. Sports and recreation
    5. Peer violence
    6. Cyber bullying
    7. What’s cool and what’s not
    8. Teacher-student relationship
    9. Parent-student (child) relationship
    10. Problems with authority
    11. Learning process (Why do we have to learn?)
    12. How to deal with limitations of freedom
  2. If the topics are in some way related to the school curriculum, it is useful to connect matter with different attitudes from personal life outside school borders. In that way students can create innovative and interesting topics that won’t go unnoticed.
    1. History class: A presentation of a family structure through time
    2. Biology class: Evolution of humankind
    3. Literature class: Poetry – then and now
    4. Sociology class: Development of democracy from ancient Greece to the present day
  3. In the end, keep in mind the simple fact that some days are better than others for the invention of various interesting topics. It is necessary to listen to your inner being -avoid writing under pressure and wait for the right moment of inspiration.