Top 22 Best Argument Essay Topics to Choose From

Assignments in argumentative writing are a usual part of school and college programs. Students get a chance to show their analyzing skills and ability to think logically. Before you get down to writing your argument essay, you obviously need a worthy topic.

Few Essential Tips on Choosing Your Argument Essay Topic

  • Look for something that you care about.
  • Since your task is to give reasoning on the chosen topic, you should think of the questions that bother you personally and attract your interest. Otherwise, you won’t be able to present strong argumentations, which will lead to poor work and a lower grade. Your choice can be a global problem as well as something local that causes your concern.

  • Select an issue that you’re familiar with.
  • This type of writing requires some research. Picking a subject that you already know something about will save you some time since you will have a better idea of where to start from. Besides, you can use that extra time you have for building arguments.

  • Choose a problem that provokes emotions.
  • Arguing takes place in people’s lives when they are emotional. Each side of the question always has its pros and cons, but what people choose to support is up to their personal perception. Since emotions influence human perception, you need a subject that will excite feelings within the reader.

Argument Essay Ideas: 22 Excellent Suggestions

  1. Should minority scholarships exist?
  2. When is the right time to get a driving license?
  3. Should nuclear weapons be used in war?
  4. Should slavery be made legal again?
  5. Are child beauty pageants bad for kids?
  6. Should nude photographs and paintings be displayed at public exhibitions?
  7. Do people who commit a violent crime deserve to live?
  8. Should children be paid for good grades?
  9. Should parenting classes be mandatory for prospecting parents?
  10. Should distance learning be promoted?
  11. Is fashion important?
  12. Do women really need the equal rights with men?
  13. Should women be banned from breastfeeding in public?
  14. Is it okay for parents to lie about Santa?
  15. Should homeless people be allowed to have pets?
  16. Should China’s one-child policy be reserved?
  17. Should politics and religion be kept separate?
  18. Does the Internet kill communication?
  19. Should fast food be allowed in schools?
  20. Is the first impression always the right one?
  21. Should smoking be a reason for a company to refuse a candidate?
  22. Is a dress code necessary for office workers?