List Of Fresh Expository Essay Topics For College Students

Genres of Essays

There are all kinds of genres of the essay—and you’ll most likely be assigned several types of these throughout your college/university career.

The major types of essays are of the acronym EDNA: expository, description, narration, or argumentative/persuasive. In fact, many freshman/English 100/101 instructors assign all of these within one quarter or semester to expose their students to an array of essay styles and give them practice with each one.

What is an Expository Essay?

Because the expository essay is chiefly informative, in that it explains an idea, process, or details instructions about something the writer knows well, it is often students’ favorite essay to write because it is easier than, say, a researched persuasive essay.

Twenty Great Ideas For Expository

  • Instruct your reader how to about an interesting craft/hobby: Painting blown out eggs, making a diorama, how to ice a cake like a bakery would, etc. . .
  • If you are good at a particular sport—teach your reader the major points that will help any swimmer/gymnast/bowler become more competent themselves.
  • If you have a special talent—say speed-reading, playing chess, video games (Zelda, Mario Maker), instruct your reader about how you learned to become a master at this talent.
  • Instruct your reader how you accomplished something difficult so you can make it easier for them—say potty training a pet!
  • Instruct your reader about how to excel at college
  • Explain how you got over some challenging problem at home, school, in your social life or personally—say overcoming an obstacle, reversing your poor performance in a class, overcoming some kind of hindrance to your growth as an individual.
  • Explain how to do something you know a lot about
  • Explain why you believe some kids/teens get involved with gangs, the wrong crowd, etc.…
  • Explain your strong beliefs on a certain topic
  • Explain something unusual you have owned in your life and why it is important to you.
  • Describe the major challenges of your freshman year in college.
  • Describe the challenges of having a dorm mate/room mate.
  • Describe the most sure fire ways to succeed academically
  • Describe how to write a great essay
  • Describe how to overcome a major life problem.

Overall, the expository essay can be fun and easy to write and structure. Good luck!