Reliable Sources To Get An Example Of A 4-Page Essay

When looking for any writing example, you are seeking to use it as a model. When you write your paper, you will follow the pattern and format of the sample paper. You are not taking someone’s work, but rather following the person’s lead. You do want to make sure than any paper you use as a sample is correct. So, you want to look for the qualifications of the writer, the accuracy of the piece, and the credibility of the reliable sources.

You may spend a few hours looking for this model paper. Once you find the essay, make sure to put it in an electronic folder, so you have it for later reference. As you look for reliable sources in order to get an example of a 4-page essay follow our useful tips.

Reliable Sources for a 4-Page Essay Example

  • Your textbook sources-the new textbooks, electronic and hard copy, all have samples. Simply go to the appendix and search for the key words, 4-Page Essay. The different essays should be there for you to look at and then to learn from. Start your search for a reliable source with your textbook.
  • Your teacher-all English and writing teachers have a special folder which holds the best essays ever submitted to them. Make an appointment to see your teacher before or after school, so you can look at these pieces. You are not going to be able to take them home with you, so either take good notes or take pictures of them.
  • A writing company-if you go to a writing company site online, you will see that they have partial samples of papers. This is to show their work and to entice buyers. They will not give a complete paper without the client paying. If you want to buy one to use as a model, be every clear with that. If they think you are paying them to create a custom 4-page paper, the charge will be much higher than for a sample.
  • A peer-I always think it is smart to look around you when you need help. If you have a friend who is a great writer and you are good in math, a deal could be struck where the two of you help each other in your strong subjects. You could ask your peer to see an example 4-page paper. You could return the favor later with some math assistance.