20 Great History Essay Topics to Help You Get a Top Mark

Even if you have written many assignments before, you may still face difficulties in selecting a suitable topic for a history essay. Unless your professor offered a list to choose from, you are free to select anything you like, which is hard. It’s easy and interesting to write on a good topic, so it’s significant to think carefully what to write about.

Effective Strategies for Choosing History Essay Topics

  1. Brainstorm.
  2. Write down everything related to history that comes to mind. For some, it may seem haphazard but such an approach helps realize what options you have and which you prefer.

  3. Strike out irrelevant issues.
  4. Consider what you have studied and cross out potential topics you can’t connect with the discipline. Eliminate questions you don’t like and those requiring lots of research. Be realistic and don’t take up anything you won’t be able to complete.

  5. Ask for advice.
  6. Don’t be afraid to ask for other people’s opinion. It’s a great idea to consult your professor if you want to narrow the topic and to make sure you can cope with it.

Sample History Essay Topics for the Highest Grades

  1. The emergence and influence of the Protestant ethic in Europe.
  2. The Vietnam War: what lessons did we learn?
  3. How did epidemics influence the process of America colonization?
  4. Historical factors leading to the abandonment of the gold standard.
  5. The connection between the reign of Louis XV and the French Revolution.
  6. Slavery in ancient Sparta and in other Greek cities.
  7. The Four Policemen idea of Franklin D. Roosevelt: was it realistic?
  8. The Salem prosecutions and their impact on religion in the United States.
  9. Was the Roman invasion beneficial to Britain?
  10. American propaganda against Japan during World War II.
  11. The secret of successful government: Empress Dowager Cixi.
  12. Colonization of the Middle East and its effects today.
  13. What would have happened if the Soviet Union didn’t collapse?
  14. What did the world civilization loose because of the Spanish conquest of the New World?
  15. Could the United States have ignored the First World War?
  16. The reasons for constructing the Berlin Wall in 1961.
  17. Why did communists come to power in Russia?
  18. Upheavals caused by the Black Death Pandemic during the Middle Ages.
  19. The history of the Arab-Israeli conflict and its possible solutions.
  20. How did Fidel Castro manage to become the longest-serving non-royal political leader?